Dr. Jon 'The Shadow' Williamson
The Shadow Knows
Psychiatrist, Jungian Analyst, Faith Healer.

My Vision Statement:  To dramatically utilize value-added therapies while continuing to collaboratively promote cutting edge pharmaceuticals in order that we may competently pursue a short-term high-impact professional relationship.

My Mission Statement:  to dramatically leverage existing high medical costs in order
that I may proactively engineer scalable solutions to your mental health needs while maintaining the highest possible concentration of your liquid assets in my personal possession.

Dr. Williamson, lying on his couch.
Dr. Williamson, lying on his couch.

The psychiatric practice of Dr. Jon Williamson invites you to contact us and set up an appointment to discuss the obstacles on your own personal road to good mental health. Dr. Williamson has a staff of highly qualified and caring professionals who can evaluate your mental and financial status, and create a personal regimen of psychiatric optimization and asset declination. In the words of Dr. Williamson, "For a guy who never went to class in medical school, I've really got the mojo to heal your head!" Please call today for your appointment. Don't postpone your journey to good mental health another minute.
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  2:00pm - 3:35pm
Telephone: 1-829-259-6666  (1- U B WAKY NO MO)
*Exorcisms performed on Thursdays only!

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