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Course Descriptions: Master of Calculator Sciences (MCS)

The use of calculators in the work place has increase dramatically since the 1950's, and Bonk University's Master of Calculator Sciences program is designed to prepare students for a career in this fast-growing and well-paid field. Most graduates either continue their education in the Doctor of Computerized Information Sciences programs, or go directly to work for one of the many companies currently using calculators around the globe.

MCS440. Calculator Fundamentals. The goal of this class is to give the student a broad overview of calculators used in today's work environment. Special emphasis will be placed on buttons and switches.

MCS520. Type Variable Analysis. This class is designed to teach the student to recognize and differentiate between the variable types of caculators that may be encountered. Type variations considered will consist of Pocket, Table Top, LCD, LED, Scientific, Solar and Battery Powered calculators.

MCS530. Calculator Foundations. Students will learn which type of surface is most suitable for acting as a foundation for a calculator. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of calculators with integral flip-down stands.

MCS555. Function Analysis. This course will examine methods of determing how many times the inverse function key must be pressed in order to make use of the correct functions on various types of scientific and accounting calculators. Keypads with both one and two secondary functions per key will be studied.

MCS570. Introduction to Microcalculators. Students will be introduced to the fine art of using calculators so small that the use of special "pen-like" instruments are required for manipulation of the buttons. Students will be required to demonstrate the ability to change the battery of a microcalculator in order to receive credit for the course.

MCS580. Management of Memory Resourses. The scope of this course will cover complete use of all the memory functions of a hand held calculator, including the M+, M-, MR and MC buttons.

MCS582. Large-Scale Calculator Operation. Study of the proper use of the very large, plug-in, table top calculators used in the early 1970's.

MCS585. Artificial Intelligence. Students will master the art of maintaining the appearance of being highly intelligent. Special lectures will be given by Bonk U. graduates on how to brag about your new MCS degree without revealing unnecessary details concerning your education.

MCS599. Master's Thesis. Topic to be agreed upon between student and advisor.

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