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Course Descriptions: Master of Broadcast Antagonism (MBA)

The Master of Broadcast Antagonism degree is designed to prepare students for a career in the fast-paced field of radio and television belligerence. Most graduates either continue their education in the Doctor of Radiopsychology or Juris Doctoris Televisionus programs,  or enter the broadcast industry as Video Tabloid assignment reporters, Television Talk Show hosts or AM Talk Radio hosts.

PE440. Practical Martial Arts. The goal of this class is to give the student a broad overview of Karate, Kempo and Judo; and focused study in Tae Kwon Do. Successful completion of this class will allow the student to protect themselves from angry guests, and deflect airborne chairs and stage props. This course to be taught by an adjunct professor from the department of Physical Education.

MBA520. Infinite Hold and Call Rejection. This class is designed to recognize callers who do not agree with your personal agenda, and either reject their call or place them on infinite hold. This class will also cover discreet use of broadcast mute functions to silence callers who suddenly become disagreeable.

MBA530. Host Superiority. Students will learn how to maintain an air of superiority with regard to guests and callers through the use of vocal inflection, facial expression, and gesture.

MBA555. Topics in Antagonism. This course will examine methods of how to convert uncooperatively silent or polite guests into angry and/or violent psychopaths. Topics covered will include the use of subtle personal slurs, sudden public exposure of highly personal guest secrets, and the seating of guest in close proximity to their known enemies. Students must complete PE440 prior to taking this class.

MBA570. Evasive Answering. Methods covered will include answering a question with a question, feigning outrage and refusing to answer selected questions, and promising to answer a question after a commercial break only to introduce a completely different topic after returning to the broadcast. Special emphasis will be given to the use of the phrases "In a perfect world I would (insert socially acceptable answer here), The majority of the people I know would (insert socially acceptable answer here), and "What do you think about that question (insert name of secondary guest here)?"

MBA580. Demographics of Guest Selection. This course will attempt to teach the skills necessary to use demographic statistics such as voter registration, political affiliation, and high school drop out rate in order to compile a guest panel or studio audience. The use of caller I.D. in combination with said demographic studies in order to skew the opinions of callers to one's own advantage will also be discussed.

OBFU582. Socio-Political Obfuscation. Study of how political obfuscative techniques can changed the social climate of a community. Special emphasis placed on how to conceal the most obvious truths from guests and audience members. This course to be taught by an adjunct professor from the Bonk School of Obfuscation.

MBA585. Revelation of Unexpected Guests. Students will master the art of revealing unexpected guests during on air interviews. Topics will cover how to convince the primary guest to reveal to you who would be the most embarrassing unexpected guest without causing the primary guest to become suspicious, discerning the appropriate time to produce the unexpected guest during the broadcast, and how to keep the presence of the unexpected guest hidden from the primary guest until the moment of on air revelation.

MBA599. Master's Thesis. Topic to be agreed upon between student and advisor.

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