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Course Descriptions: Doctor of Obfuscation (OBFU)

Bonk University's School of Obfuscation is a cross disciplinary group formed by faculty from both the Bonk School of Business and the Bonk School of Political Science.

OBFU570. Classical Political Obfuscation. Study of obfuscative techniques used by public politicians prior to the twentieth century.

OBFU580. Modern Political Obfuscation. Study of obfuscative techniques used by public politicians and political advisors since the turn of the twentieth century.

OBFU582. Socio-Political Obfuscation. Study of how political obfuscative techniques have changed the social climate of a community. Special emphasis placed on how to conceal the most obvious social truths from the unwashed masses, how to discern if your masses are unwashed, and how to convince practically indiscernible ethnic groups to declare war against each other. Students will be expected to read the essays of Hitler, Milosevic, and Suharto .

OBFU595. Obfuscation in Business and Marketing. Study of obfuscation in modern business. Special emphasis in the areas of the marketing of herbal supplements, cellulose reduction creams, and home water filtration products; and the pricing of women's clothing, children's shoes, and dental procedures.

OBFU620. Select Topics in Obfuscative Philosophy. Group study of the strategies of successful suicide cults, hate groups, and "not for nonprofit" religious organizations.

OBFU645. Business Obfuscationology. Advanced methods of vision and mission statement compilation. Differentiation between vision and mission statements. Proper use of terms such as scalable, ethical, paradigm, empowerment, resource-leveling, infrastructure, leverage, opportunity, synergistic, and proactive.

OBFU678. American Obfuscators. Theories and strategies of successful American Obfuscators. Guest lectures by past presidents as availability allows.

OBFU680. Advantages of Obfuscation in Medical Research. Comparative analysis of the research findings of cigarette manufacturers, silicone breast implant manufacturers, and anabolic steroid distributors against their own public press releases and court statements.

OBFU685. Psychological Obfuscation. In depth group analysis of the films, audio tapes, and writings of Charles Manson. Successful completion of the course will require students to sing the complete lyrics to Helter Skelter©.

OBFU699. Obfuscation Dissertation. Doctoral dissertations to be reviewed by an eight member panel comprised of independent mathematicians, physical scientists, sociologists, and psychologists. The successful doctoral candidate's dissertation will cause a simple majority of panel members to engage in one of the following: Scream, burst into tears, curse profanely and storm from the room, become unconscious, or join a cult. (Joining the Libertarian Party can substitute for joining a cult.)

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