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Course Descriptions: Doctor of Computerized Information Sciences (CIS)

Many businesses today attempt to use computers to facilitate the more efficient use of time and resources, instead of for their original design role as that of "Job Security Tool." Due to this wide spread misuse of computers, the business world is in dire need of qualified individuals who are well-suited to returning the computer to its rightful place as "Mechanical Office Bureaucrat." The Doctor of Computerized Information Sciences is designed to prepare students for just such a task. Candidates for the Doctor of Computerized Information Sciences degree must have previously earned a Master's Degree in Calculator Sciences.

CIS620. Internetworking. The objective of this course is to acquaint the student with the most popular and time consuming methods of working on the internet. Subjects covered will include: typing, sending and printing emails; saving web sites to disk; and teleconferencing using expensive stereo speakers and small color cameras attached to the top of your computer's monitor.

CIS635. Computer Network Security. Security topics of concern to the computer professional will be covered in detail. Class participants will explore which type of power supply lock works best for their computers, creative places to hide a list of passwords, and how to encrypt work-related files so that coworkers can not access them while you are on vacation.

CIS650. Distributed Object Systems. The goal of this class is to acquaint students with the most time honored systems of distributing computer peripherals throughout the office for maximum aesthetic value. Laboratory component will involve the study of terrorizing coworkers while rapidly rolling from peripheral to peripheral in a caster-based office chair.

CIS750. Program Verification. Class participants will be exposed to the latest research in the use of OS tools to verify whether of not you have a particular program on your computer.

CIS765. Formal Specification of Software Systems. This class is a hands on practicum on how to properly specify what type of software you want on your computer to either a computer vendor, a software vendor, or an information resource tyrant.

CIS785. Computer Visualization. Advanced techniques used in assisting the student to visualize the perfect computer system for playing games or surfing the internet.

CIS786. Graphics and Modeling. Advanced methods of sketching or drawing a computer system for a computer vendor or information resources tyrant who is unable to visualize with you the perfect computer system for playing games or surfing the internet. Prerequisite: CIS785

CIS799. Doctoral Dissertation. Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy.

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